Is Merchant Cash Advance Suitable For My Small Business?

Business is about taking risks. Success depends on taking carefully planned and calculated risks. Even then anything unpredictable can cause a flat tyre and the vehicle of business stops moving. An Interruption in smooth cash flow, especially for small business owners, can be a time of endless worry. Invoices remain unpaid while creditors press for payments, is a common enough scenario. Then there are business owners who may want to take a small risk such as launching a marketing campaign to grab a higher market share during festival seasons or expand the business, buy real estate or new equipment. Traditional sources of funding may not be available in all such cases or may not be available fast.

This is where merchant cash advance seems so attractive. Is it really so? Wise business heads advice against falling into this trap unless one plans carefully. The simple reason is that going into debt to pay debt only results in more debt. Prima facie, MCA may not be the best option for small businesses. If one looks deeper and thinks carefully, it could be a perfect choice. Here are reasons why one should consider best merchant cash advance by, a premier cash advance business.

Best Merchant Cash Advance

    • Cash, as much as $ 200000, is available on making a simple application with supporting documents such as identity proof, residence proof and proof of ownership of business. No collateral or mortgage is required in case of MCA.
    • The Borrower gets to cash in his bank account in 3 to 5 working days from date of submitting the request online or offline.
    • Repayment is flexible and is a percentage of daily card sales, weekly or monthly fixed amounts. If sales boom, repayment amount increases, and advance are paid off in a shorter time and vice versa.
    • With MCA businesses can use the cash to give a boost to their business and grow fast.

For the MCA to be suitable, the owner must have a running business with minimum monthly sales of $ 10000. He must also have a good business plan and must calculate as to whether the daily or monthly repayment schedule will not put him in financial difficulties.

Small Business Loans

This type of cash source is not for small businesses if:

    • They are in a debt trap and are seeking funds to pay off a creditor without considering how they will meet the commitment.
    • They are not generating adequate business that will generate sufficient funds for repayment.
    • They are in a line of business with plenty of competition and slim chances of growth or even survival.
    • They do not have solid plans for business growth, diversification, and expansion.

A Cash advance can be obtained with ease. Using the cash wisely to grow the business is worthwhile. Even if one is reaching for this source of capital to tide over emergencies, one must have adequate receivables to know that they will be back on an even keel once debtors make payment. The source from where one obtains advances is also important.

It is easy to apply for Water Street Capital’s best merchant cash advance. Just fill in the form online and initiate the process. Our rep will take it from there.


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  1. Thanks for your valuable tips and ideas. Your article is very informative and I learned a lot about merchant cash advance. Business funding can be a double-edged sword. Keep sharing!


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