Ask These Top 5 Questions When You Choose Small Business Funding

A small business owner may find himself in a situation when he needs cash immediately and does not from where to get it. First, available source is not the one to jump at in such circumstances since the unscrupulous lender may charge fees and a higher rate of interest that adds to the cost of borrowing and results in higher repayment. A wise businessman, even though he needs funds urgently, asks some questions before signing on the dotted line.

Ask him how much he really needs, for what purpose and can he repay it

It is easy to take money when it is offered without any security. However, one of the first questions to ask when choosing small business funding is not the interest or charges but whether the borrower can manage the extra repayments without disturbing his cash flow.

Small Business Funding

How fast money is made available?

One of the main purposes of small business funding is to get money and get it fast. Ideally, money should be in the bank account of the borrower within 3 days of submitting an application online or offline. In reality, it may take 4 days or so.

The terms of financing?

The biggest burdens of small business finance are the fixed charges, service charges, and the interest rate. The interest rate can be crippling. One must look for a lender who charges a reasonable rate of interest and waives any fixed charges. Another of the terms to look at is the repayment schedule. Considerate lenders are flexible and offer customized terms to make life easy for the borrower.

Eligibility criteria

Does the lender offer to finance for small business with bad credit? Do they ask for collateral? Lenders who are pro-borrowers will not insist on the borrower having a credit score of 700 or higher. Even businesses that are facing temporary setbacks with poor credit should be eligible. Collateral is another thing that should not be insisted upon because, as any lender knows, people who opt for this type of financing usually have their property mortgaged or under lien. Select lenders with an understanding approach to eligibility criteria.

Business Financing

What happens if unforeseen events impede regular repayments?

Get this clear before making a commitment. Some lenders can be quite rigid. Others, such as wscapnow, are more considerate and will have workarounds to manage contingencies. A lender who is interested in seeing his client grow rather than simply making profits is the one to select. If that lender also offers consultations then it is so much better for the borrower.

It has been noticed that thoughtless selection of a source of small business capital often results in more problems cropping up that could be difficult to handle. Obtaining clarifications before selecting a source of finance is worth the effort, not only in the short term but also for long-term business growth. Wscapnow and its team, with experience and knowledge of markets and all possible scenarios, go all out to assist their clients to fulfill their purpose when they seek such finances.

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What You Need to Know About Unsecured Business Funding

The landscape of lending has been evolving and it has dramatically evolved into a more conducive environment for small business owners. At one time they had to go to regular sources with consequent delays or possibility of denial on the one hand and, on the other hand, loan sharks who made a bad situation worse. In recent times there has been a spurt in the availability of unsecured sources of funding. There is no need for businesses to fold up and die simply because cash, the lifeblood of commerce, could not be injected in time.

Unsecured funding is proving to be the best alternative to regular channels, even if it comes at a higher cost. What is an unsecured business funding and how does one go about obtaining it?

Most loans are offered by financial institutions against some collateral or a personal guarantee or mortgage of property or hypothecation of stocks. The Unsecured loan, unsecured business funding, an unsecured business line of credit are some of the terms used to describe this type of financing.

Unsecured Business Loans

The chief attractions and characteristics are:

The Borrower does not need to furnish any personal guarantee, collateral or mortgage property or other assets. If he is a startup, the potential lender considers the viability of the project and invests funds, as venture capital and angel investors do, in return for the share of profit or share of business. Unsecured financing is even better for existing businesses since they retain full ownership and are sole arbiters of how to run and manage their business. The loan amount is disbursed based on turnover and demonstrable repayment capability.

A borrower need not furnish a solid reason or submit a project report or business proposal to be eligible for the unsecured finance. He asks for and gets the amount he needs. Interest rates may vary from fixed to variable types and from 0.5% p.a. to above. The Repayment period may be one year or two years and minimum loan amount is around $ 5000 while maximum may be $ 200000 or more. The loan may be a term loan, a short term loan with repayment schedule less than that of the term loan, or an overdraft facility or a line of credit.

One of the best features of unsecured finance is that it is available quickly. A prospective borrower submits only the minimum set of eligibility documents such as proof of ownership of business, proof of identity and residence and bank statements. He can do it online. The application is reviewed and approved within 48 hours and loan is credited to the bank account of borrower usually within 3 days.

The eligibility norms are simple for unsecured funding for business. One must have a running business, preferably with monthly revenues of $ 10000.


However, it is important to keep in mind the fees charged by lenders, the ongoing charges, and the interest rates. One must understand the difference between fixed and variable rate of interest and clarify upfront the fees the lender may charge, the exit fee and termination fee, if any. These can add up to a substantial amount if care is not exercised in selecting the right lender.

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How Do You Get Loans For Your Small Business?

Any port in a storm is good enough for someone about to drown. This can happen to many small businesses faced with a sudden cash crunch. Regular channels of finance may not be available or it may take too long for approval. A lifeline is needed at such moments.

Business loans prove to be the perfect lifeline for small business owners who have to juggle finances while planning for the next big step ahead. This is where they can opt for the small business loan by on soft terms. Such loans help in a variety of ways. A business owner can think of launching a marketing and ad campaign for the approaching festival season and grab more customers. He can think of expanding production or achieving cost efficiencies by installing new equipment. He can use funds to buy inventory. Assuming a small businessman already has availed of loans from other channels how does he go about procuring another one and that too without collateral, and in a short time? A few simple steps are all it takes to procure loans up to $ 200000.


Step 1

Step one is to put together the necessary documents. No, it does not involve filling in lengthy forms and preparation of a detailed project report. It is only necessary to put together the latest bank statement for the past six months, proof of residence, proof of identity and proof of ownership of business. Credit rating is not a factor for eligibility. Even bad credit businesses can obtain finance the easy way.

Step 2

Find the right lender. Lenders of this type of funding for small business vary. Some can charge exorbitantly high processing fees and APR with inflexible repayment options. Some, like wscapnow, offer flexible and customized solutions for small business capital with the lowest terms. These are the ones to select.

Step 3

The process is simple. One simply fills out an online form and submits scanned copies of the documents. Lender contacts borrower and initiates the process. Applicant fills out paper forms and submits documents through courier and receives approval within a day or two and the amount is credited to borrower’s bank account directly within 3 to 5 days of making the application.


How does one repay the loan?

Borrowers are presented various options such as daily payment as a percentage of their credit card sales or a daily fixed amount, a weekly repayment or a monthly repayment over 3 to 36 months.

Before going this route one must seriously consider how the funds will be used and will they be able to repay it without affecting their cash flow. The smart thing to do is to get planning advice from experts (available at wscapnow) and have a solid plan to use funds to grow sales and thus meet the extra commitment without any undue hardships. That way, even if the cost of money is high, higher earnings offset it and contribute to long-term growth.

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The Top Merchant Cash Advance Services of 2017

Merchant Cash Advance

It would be difficult to find a business that does not face cash problems every now and then. For larger organizations, liquidity is not much of an issue since they always have lenders on tap. Small businesses run by individuals find the going tough because they are perceived as high risk. Instead of regular channels, they might find the non-conventional methods of funding small business to be a better option.

The number of such small businesses facing cash crunch is on the rise and so is the number of merchant cash advance services that provide immediate funds on easy terms to these borrowers. Competition is hotting up. It would seem that businesses with bad credit or in a tight situation would have to take what is doled out to them. Not any longer. There are dozens of such services and they are all competing with each other to get more business. The best merchant cash advance service of 2017 may not be the one that hands out cash immediately, no questions asked. Customers do ask questions and should.


It is not a take it or leave it situation for borrowers. The top MCA service for this year is the one that is transparent about its terms, the rate of interest and other charges. Many such services do not truly disclose the rate of interest and charges until a prospective borrower submits his details and a credit check takes place. The Borrower must know beforehand about the terms, not terms based on credit rating. The fees and repayment cost should also be clear from the outset.

Simply providing cash when needed is one thing. Small businesses may opt for MCA simply to meet immediate needs without taking into consideration the larger picture. Enterprising and innovative businesses look at this type of cash source as a way to fund campaigns, modernize equipment or to invest in an activity that will produce more revenues. They may lack knowledge so the best MCAs are not just people who advance cash, but people with expertise to analyze a client’s business and offer consultation on the wise use of funds to avoid debt traps.

Responsiveness and speed of processing applications also count for a lot, especially when a borrower needs immediate funds. The Delay is as good as denial. Cash can act like oxygen and fast response saves the day for a grateful business owner who will then return for more funding to grow the business.

Small Business Funding

The world of cash advances is changing. From simply considering it as an avenue to exploit small businessmen and make high profits, it is undergoing a transformation to being one of the best alternative sources of capital in this year. The trend is likely to continue. Studies at wscapnow show that the number of defaulters is less and that those who have obtained consultations have managed to use funds to rise rapidly or to diversify. American small businesses can now make ambitious plans and wscapnow, the best MCA, will be there to help, today and tomorrow.

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Apply for unsecured business funding at water street capital

Loan prolonged only on the basis of the borrower’s economic level, credit history, creditworthiness, and the general image. He clues a promissory note but does not vow any particular commodity as ancillary. Unsecured loan also termed character loan, signature loan or the good faith loan. An unsecured loan is that loan that is attaining without the use of assets as ancillary for the loan and it is denote as personal loan or the signature loan.


In the investment market, the loan providers can help him out to bring out his business from the debts. They provide the many different services which can benefit him in carrying out his business processes effectively. They ask him to perform the basic three steps and help him to process out the routine firm’s activities. Therefore for the business drowning in debts, unsecured business funding can aid a lot in many manners.   

 They just requires him to apply for the amount of business fund he is seeking of and helps him to decide upon the crucial decision needed for the continue running of business. He needs a proper guidance before taking such significant step which can affects his business positively. The end step after the deciding factor is the funding done by the company which is concerned of to fund him. This in a way ensures and motivates him to work efficiently to clear off all his business debts.

Unsecured business funding by has following advantages:

  • They require no private ancillary.
  • For him to qualify for the business loan, no stellar credit history is required.
  • They require nil checks to write.
  • They aid in maximum business growth on a busy day.
  • They need only a minimum of $10,000 of the gross sales per month to qualify and excluding start ups.
  • It is an instant and convenient as compared to the other alternatives such as the traditional loan.

The unsecured business loan acts as the bond of trust. The funding firm provides the enormous capital to the business on the basis of the understanding that the business will perform better to pay back the loan on time. He gets the effective help by the funding firm to boost up his business and perform brilliantly to maximize his own business sales and carry out the routine activities. The funding fund aid the borrower with the surplus amount till the time period decided with a minimum percentage of interest.


The unsecured business loan comprises of the following features:

  • They demand no extra credit to qualify for the signature loan.
  • The payments made by the borrowers are in the form of percentage depending upon the monthly sale.
  • There are no such restrictions to use the fund provided only for the business processes. He can use it for any business purpose.
  • It is a rapid and convenient process to improve the business functioning.
  • The loan can be providing for any industry.

The aim of any firm owner should be to attain long term wealth maximization. There is a diversity of funding alternatives and one of them is unsecured business financing. It is ideal for the borrowers who  are just gearing up.

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Best Realistic and top ways to Fund for Your Small Business

No doubt, it needed money to make more money! It is more vital when considering business funding. This funding process includes getting a cash to start a business, which can sometimes be a challenge. The traditional means to get it done is consulting a bank but it seems tough, as they do not lend money to the business owners who have no appealing assets.

To make it simpler he can consult various companies who are providing reliable solutions online for such issues. Multiple companies understand that small- scaled and medium-sized businesses at times need immediate access to money for keeping their regular operations running smoothly and as professionally as possible. He can consult them to make his Small Business Funding much easier like never before.


Every business needs funds for existing in corporate market, no matter whether it is a small or big scale company. For a small business, there is a drawback that they do not have strong background or working history like a brand. All this make it complicated for people to gather funds. Apart from this, some top online companies are providing quick fund for their customers. He can utilize their services and facilities to start with what is necessity.

Essential factors necessary for business funding:

Numerous factors would help him to get desired money with complete ease. Considering such factors, he can access the loan without having any problem.

  • Have complete knowledge about the authentic investment you need.
  • Keep in mind that small business requires much patience.
  • He needs to be single-minded to do well in his line of business and stay focused to achieve the targeted goal.
  • Patiently plan the funding strategy in a manner that things will go on the way he wants them to.

Services offered by funding companies:

The companies, which are providing online help in form of funds are also have appointed experts to guide their clients or business owners. Firstly, they do not play partial and offer funds for both big and small businesses, which is really admiring. Secondly, they have expert persons to guide him what suits his business accurately. Their consultant will hear and understand all the business requirements and caters the entire needs.


If found something which is going in a wrong way or may be going wrong in future, they immediately warn him and consult better idea. It is not necessary to invest according to them only but consulting is surely not harmful. Overall, there are many alternatives to gather funds for starting a business with strong backups. You just have to select the company or group who can believe your ideas and help you out by providing essential funds.

Earlier, it was little hard to get loan for small businesses but at present several companies makes it easier. He can easily confer with their agents and get perfect solutions for various problems. Hence, Small Business Funding is not a big issue for him.

Merchant Cash Advance – A Better Option for Your Small Business




Water Street capital understands that small and medium-sized businesses sometimes need quick access to cash to keep their everyday operations running as efficiently as possible. Whether cash is needed to increase inventory, pay employee salaries or to acquire equipment, we can help you meet your specific small business financing needs with a funding solution, which is part of our working capital program.

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Water Street Capital Is the Fastest Business Financing Network to Get You Immediate Cash

A recent forum held by a finance network company gave insights into perspectives of financing from the borrower’s side and from lenders’ viewpoint. One fact that stands out is that regular lending institutions are tightening their purse strings when it comes to funding small businesses. Predatory, unregulated online lenders are having a field day and are primarily responsible for driving a number of businesses into a debt trap. The forum highlighted the need for innovative, borrower-friendly lending procedures that would really help them grow. Where such small businesses are perceived as high risk by regular lenders, innovative lenders view them as distinctive growth possibilities given the right infusion of cash at the right time. Such businesses also generate employment with at least 3 people on their payroll and need encouragement.


Business financing by has always believed in blazing innovative paths along the financial lending routes. Its cash advance and business financing strategies are shaped and influenced by requirements of small businesses and their expectations. The objective is to help enterprises in critical need of cash infusion with funds at the right time. When a guy is gasping for breath one does not ask for solid credit history or collateral to pull out of a swamp. Pull him out first is the motto.

Business financing can be a double edged sword. If it can oxygenate an enterprise gasping for breath, it can also strangulate if it comes from usurious lenders who charge exorbitant interest rates that, forever, put the borrower in a debt spiral. Water Street Capital does not believe in taking advantage of a guy’s situation to put a stranglehold on him. Borrowers find the best customized terms that actually help revitalize their businesses. It is the norm, rather than the exception, that a small business will face a cash crunch every now and then. Business might be slow and inventory may pile up resulting in blockage of funds while employee salary and vendor payment liabilities stare them in the face. At times like this when there is a liquidity crisis, immediate funding with least hassles is what a borrower is looking for and what he gets through wscapnow.


The process of obtaining merchant cash advances is simple enough. One submits minimum possible documentation such as bank statement, turnover figures for last 3 to 6 months, personal identification papers and an application form. Credit history does not matter but what matters is that the business must be running and should be generating $ 10000 gross sales each month in order to qualify. A simple verification is followed by approval and disbursal of funds within 3 days. The borrower can heave a sigh of relief at being able to meet his commitments. Repayment is easy: daily percentage of sales or a fixed monthly amount. Wscapnow is the ICU for businesses and offers the best factor rate that makes borrowing affordable. Innovative, future-looking approach centered on helping rather than exploiting, is the core of wscapnow’s policy that is paying rich dividends.

The Best Tips on Merchant Cash Advance Business

When looking for small business funding, business owners have a variety of options at their disposal. The first and most common option people think of are banks. Banks were invented to loan out money so it makes sense to look there first. However, there are so many more options in the year 2016. While many businesses go with the better-known financing option via a traditional bank loan, more and more borrowers are turning to merchant cash advances.

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A merchant cash advance is essentially the same thing as a loan but with a few twists. Water Street Capital is a great example of such a business and offers some of the best tips on the merchant cash advance business. Although it is usually much easier to apply, there are still a few general tips that are good to know before starting the process.

  1. Minimum Requirements

Before any business owner even thinks of applying for a merchant cash, he/she should be aware of the minimum requirements for getting approved. The most important rule is that no startups are approved. Merchant cash advance business are like investors. There has to be evidence of an already successful business that generates at least $10,000 in gross sales per month. This ensures that the lender will be repaid rather than basing it on a credit score.

  1. Applying Online

If the business meets the $10,000 minimum, they can easily apply online. As stated earlier, no excellent credit history is necessary. The application usually is approved and the borrow can receive the money in as little as 3 business days! While amounts vary with the lenders, Water Street Capital can lend out up to $500,000 if the small business meets the criteria.

  1. Uses of a Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is much more flexible than a traditional loan and can be used on a number of things. Some business owners use it to add new employees to the payroll until business speeds up again. There have been business owners that used the money to advertise on billboards or television. Some simply use the loan to get caught up with bills during a slow period.

  1. Repayment method

Even if the business is experiencing a slow period, that is okay! With a traditional bank loan, the payments are fixed at a certain amount for each month, yet with a merchant cash advance the rate actually fluctuates. That might sound scary, but it shouldn’t; the payment varies depending on how well the business does during that certain month. A small percentage is retracted from the business’ sales each month and automatically applied to the outstanding balance. If the sales are down for some reason, the owner simply pays back a smaller amount. During high times, however, more money is applied to the account and it is paid off faster than expected. Either way, the business owner has much less risk of not being able to repay.

Features and Benefits of Small Business Loans

While a loan may not be the first choice for a business, it sometimes is the only way for a business to succeed. There are wide number reasons that a business may need to borrow money. Could be to hire new employees on a short notice, make up for payroll during a slow month, advertising purposes, expansion and growth or more. Whatever the reason may be, every small business will likely need financial help at one point or another.

There can be a few downsides to borrowing money, such as the interest, but all in all the advantages can very advantageous. For starters, it can keep a business from failing. Say an antique shop has a seen a recent slowdown in sales. Perhaps the road construction on its street has deterred the usual passerby from coming into the store. The business owner learns that the construction schedule has been delayed and isn’t planned to be finished for months! He decides to advertise his business harder than usual in hopes to regain customers but hasn’t budgeted for such an unexpected expense. Does he sit around and watch his business fail or does he take out a small business loan?

Taking the loan would be the smart thing to do, but as mentioned earlier, businesses don’t usually like the idea of borrowing a loan right away. They can be reluctant due to the climbing interest rates that banks might offer. Luckily for the antique shop owner, he didn’t take out a loan from a traditional bank. He had already heard about a small business loan by, the website for Water Street Capital where businesses can apply online. The shop owner mulled it over, comparing the benefits between it and that of a traditional bank.

The shop owner decided that Water Street Capital was the smarter choice. For starters, he was able to get accepted much easier. Although his credit history had a few blemishes, he still passed the approval qualifiers. Despite the slow times his business had been facing, he continued to gross at least $10,000 a month which proved that he was financially stable enough to be able to repay the loan.

The second deciding factor for the business owner was that the process was fast. He already knew that he could apply online, but after taking a look at the website, he learned that he could get the funding he needed in just 3 business days. It would be fast enough to pay for the billboard he wanted before anyone else could.

The third and final benefit that sealed the deal for the shop owner was the way Water Street Capital managed their repayments. Unlike that of the banks, their client need only to pay a small percentage of their sales each month. That meant that if the advertising didn’t work too well, he wouldn’t need to worry about making huge payments each month. He found the branch that was closer to him and got the financing he needed.