Top Reasons to Apply For Merchant Cash Advance

Small businesses are alive and flourishing. One of the reasons is the rise of alternative funding sources that help them get funds easily, with less hassle and with no need to furnish collateral. There are small business loans and there are unsecured loans for small businesses and then there are MCA.

What is a merchant cash advance?

It is an alternative method of finance for small businesses. It is primarily aimed at retailers, pharmacies, professionals, small manufacturers, restaurant owners and similar businesses that may face the occasional cash crunch. It is not for startups. Only those in business for a year or more with a turnover of $ 10000 in credit card sales are eligible. The only requirement is proof of identity, residence, ownership of business and bank statements and funds are made available in less than a week. Repayment is usually tied to credit card sales on a daily basis. The factor rate is rather high but bearable.

Merchant Cash Advance Business

Why should one apply for merchant cash advance?


As any small business owners know there are several occasions when cash is in short supply and one must get funds immediately. This happens when employee salaries are falling due or when vendors need to be paid while incoming funds may be delayed. Accessing merchant cash advance is the best option to get cash immediately and meet one’s commitment. It is better than having to seek loans from friends or relatives and remain obligated to them.

Merchant Cash Advance Business

Launch campaigns

Retailers and small businesses may wish to take advantage of festive seasons. In such cases launching a marketing campaign will net them more customers and generate more revenue. MCA funding gets them the money they need to launch campaigns, increase their market visibility and presence and garner a good share. Extra earnings always help repay the loan.

Expand activities

A businessman who stays content with his business is likely to stagnate and suffer. The expansion should always be an ongoing process for small businesses to grow into larger ones. Cash advances are the best way to finance such expansion activities. A businessman can move to larger premises, refurbish and renovate his existing premises, buy new equipment and generally increase the quantum of business. Expansion of activities will help him serve customers better and faster and earn their loyalty as well as recommendations.

Small Business Loans

Pay off debts

It may not seem like a good idea to go into debt by obtaining a cash advance in order to pay off a debt but debts can be restructured. If one is in a debt situation where the interest rate is killing then getting a loan at a much lower rate and on more favorable terms to pay off that debt is a wise decision.

There is no doubt that cash advance business is growing and providers like are offering the best terms. Small businesses that would have gone under have survived and prospered. Businesses that would have stagnated have expanded and grown, thanks to small injections of cash at the right time.

It is easy to apply for Water Street Capital’s best merchant cash advance. Just fill in the form online and initiate the process. Our rep will take it from there.

Why Choose Unsecured Business Funding for Business?

Savvy businessmen know the importance of funds for business growth and expansion. In fact, smart businessmen follow the dictum “other people’s money, other people’s labor and other people’s time.” When it comes to investing money for business, a smart businessman will invest only part of his own funds. The rest he invests in assets like house and property that he will never mortgage.

There is a reason to not mortgage houses for business purposes. There is no knowing when a recession will strike or anything should happen that will result in a downturn and the mortgaged property being attached by the lender. If that should happen he and his family are out in the cold. This is just one reason why one should consider unsecured business funding over secured funding where collateral is necessary.

There is another reason to choose unsecured business funding. If one puts up collateral the process is quite involved. In addition to the loan application form, one has to put together other documents that include property papers where titles must be absolutely clear and the lender may also ask for project report or a proposal as to the purpose for which funds are required. When one goes down the unsecured funding path there are no such obstacles. Documentation is minimal. One only needs to submit bank statements and proof of identity, business, and residence. The process is fast. One applies online and submits documents and the loan could be disbursed in as little as one week. If funds are needed urgently, forget about secured loans. Unsecured financing is the way to go for small business. Perhaps this could be a more important reason for businessmen who may need funds occasionally to meet urgent commitments or for expansion purposes.

There is a downside to unsecured funding. The rate of interest or APR is usually higher than what one pays for secured loans and this is understandable but it does not deter businessmen who can plan to use the funds for growth. Increased revenues help repay installments and also the interest while leaving a tidy profit aside.

There is still another reason to opt for unsecured loans. It is that a businessman’s credit rating is sub-par and usual lenders will not advance money. This may be the only viable option left to him to get funds, get back on his feet and prosper. It proves a lifeline when a person, hounded by poor credit and debts has nowhere to turn to receive a vital injection of cash that will help him survive and grow. Even if the APR is higher than the one for secured loans, it provides a lifeline and a chance to improve credit rating and prosper.

Unsecured loans have gained a bad reputation due to some lenders charging unfair application and processing fees in addition to high APR but when selects the right source like, the terms are flexible and so is the repayment schedule. Unsecured is the best alternative funding for small business owners

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Are You Ready to Apply for Unsecured Business Funding?

Unsecured Business Funding

What many people do not appreciate is that small businessmen are often innovators. They see business opportunities where others see roadblocks and challenges. However, financial acumen is not their strong point. They start a business with great enthusiasm and, along with the road, face cash crunch. Regular funding is not available because banks do not look at innovations and ideas but at the more prosaic part of repayment capability.

This is why such innovating businesses will find unsecured business funding by the perfect source of finance to fuel their ideas and growth. Wscapnow considers the businessman, his ideas, and his capability to grow while scrutinizing a request for unsecured business funding. In the process, they advise prospective borrowers if they are ready to apply for such funding or whether they should be better prepared.

Small Business Funding

One part of applying for funding of the unsecured kind is to put together basic documents such as proof of identity, proof of ownership of business, proof of residence and bank statements. One can obtain funds on submission of these documents. However, a proper plan must be in place for efficient utilization of these funds to generate more revenue, not just pay off debts or meet temporary needs of funds. This is what makes borrowing from such sources a meaningful exercise otherwise one can well land in a debt trap.

Should prospective bright businessmen approach wscapnow, his application receives scrutiny and he is also interviewed by a professional. What transpires is that experts at wscapnow look at the business potential of the borrower and his innovative ideas, if he has any and shows him how these can be translated to revenues. The wscapnow advisory includes preparation of a strategic plan as well as market research backed consultations in order to make optimal use of unsecured financing for revenue generation.

Unsecured business funding is expensive. For every dollar borrowed, the borrower may end up paying a dollar and a half or even more. The trick is to use a dollar to generate twice that amount in business. This way repayment of interest does not affect cash flow or impose a burden. One only pays out of earnings and even then has plenty to spare after repayment.

Unsecured Business Funding

Why does wscapnow go to this extent? The answer is simple. Analysis of past such borrowings show that when there is a plan in place and borrowers receive proper guidance, they make good use of money to emerge from debt and generate more revenues. Those left to their own devices usually do not progress quite as rapidly as those who have the assistance of experts and their advice on growth strategies based on unsecured cash infusions. In fact, some businesses chug along and owners do not wish to switch to the fast lane, a chance that unsecured business finance offers. Wscapnow shows them how to get ready to switch gears, apply for business funds and how to use them. The best thing is that all such expert guidance is free.

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How to Get Unsecured Business loans in Canada?

Small business owners in Canada face the same issues as their counterparts across the border: cash crunch from time to time or the requirement of funds to finance expansion, buy equipment or launch ad campaigns. It is not all that different from the situation in the States.


Rather than opt for regular finance that requires a lot of documentation and involves delays, it is better for Canadian small business owners to opt for unsecured business loans from lenders who work in the States and also offer finance to Canadian businesses, like  Why Stateside lenders? They offer finance quickly, have the easiest of online processes and are geared to assist businesses. Restaurant and bar owners, IT professionals, small transporters, automotive dealerships, professionals and small manufacturers are people who can apply for and obtain fast funding without any collateral. For unsecured business loans Canada based businesses can approach US- based lenders and they do not have to worry about the withholding tax. Wscapnow is located in the States and by not having a presence in Canada they do not contravene the Bank Act (Canada) since the prohibitions apply only if a lender has a presence in the country. Maintaining a local bank account could also contravene the provisions of the Act and lenders transferring money directly from US bank account to borrower’s account in Canada do not violate any clauses of the Act.


The process for any small business owner in Canada to access funds from the USA lender is simple and straightforward. All that he has to do is visit the website of the lender like wscapnow that lends to Canadian borrowers, fill in an initial form to determine eligibility and wait for the lender to call. Thereafter the process is easy.  The borrower fills in a form, online if preferred, and submits electronic documentation such as proof of identity, proof of ownership of business and proof of residence along with bank statement for the previous 6 months. Usually, if these primary documents are in order, the loan is approved and money is deposited into the bank account of the borrower in Canada in about 4 to 5 working days. It is not that there is any lack of Canadian finance companies that offer unsecured funding but there are times when a US lender’s terms, a rate of interest and approach are better suited to Canadian businesses.


It may be advantageous to consider US lenders since the terms are more flexible and the rate of interest may be low. Further, if a lender wishes to obtain guidance and advice from expert professionals, they can get it without any obligation. Most lenders are geared to lend and make money. Only a few like wscapnow care for borrowers and wish to see them grow. A phone call or submission of the online form is a good starting point to obtaining unsecured finance on the softest terms from US lender for Canadian small business owners.

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What You Need to Know About Unsecured Business Funding

The landscape of lending has been evolving and it has dramatically evolved into a more conducive environment for small business owners. At one time they had to go to regular sources with consequent delays or possibility of denial on the one hand and, on the other hand, loan sharks who made a bad situation worse. In recent times there has been a spurt in the availability of unsecured sources of funding. There is no need for businesses to fold up and die simply because cash, the lifeblood of commerce, could not be injected in time.

Unsecured funding is proving to be the best alternative to regular channels, even if it comes at a higher cost. What is an unsecured business funding and how does one go about obtaining it?

Most loans are offered by financial institutions against some collateral or a personal guarantee or mortgage of property or hypothecation of stocks. The Unsecured loan, unsecured business funding, an unsecured business line of credit are some of the terms used to describe this type of financing.

Unsecured Business Loans

The chief attractions and characteristics are:

The Borrower does not need to furnish any personal guarantee, collateral or mortgage property or other assets. If he is a startup, the potential lender considers the viability of the project and invests funds, as venture capital and angel investors do, in return for the share of profit or share of business. Unsecured financing is even better for existing businesses since they retain full ownership and are sole arbiters of how to run and manage their business. The loan amount is disbursed based on turnover and demonstrable repayment capability.

A borrower need not furnish a solid reason or submit a project report or business proposal to be eligible for the unsecured finance. He asks for and gets the amount he needs. Interest rates may vary from fixed to variable types and from 0.5% p.a. to above. The Repayment period may be one year or two years and minimum loan amount is around $ 5000 while maximum may be $ 200000 or more. The loan may be a term loan, a short term loan with repayment schedule less than that of the term loan, or an overdraft facility or a line of credit.

One of the best features of unsecured finance is that it is available quickly. A prospective borrower submits only the minimum set of eligibility documents such as proof of ownership of business, proof of identity and residence and bank statements. He can do it online. The application is reviewed and approved within 48 hours and loan is credited to the bank account of borrower usually within 3 days.

The eligibility norms are simple for unsecured funding for business. One must have a running business, preferably with monthly revenues of $ 10000.


However, it is important to keep in mind the fees charged by lenders, the ongoing charges, and the interest rates. One must understand the difference between fixed and variable rate of interest and clarify upfront the fees the lender may charge, the exit fee and termination fee, if any. These can add up to a substantial amount if care is not exercised in selecting the right lender.

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Apply for unsecured business funding at water street capital

Loan prolonged only on the basis of the borrower’s economic level, credit history, creditworthiness, and the general image. He clues a promissory note but does not vow any particular commodity as ancillary. Unsecured loan also termed character loan, signature loan or the good faith loan. An unsecured loan is that loan that is attaining without the use of assets as ancillary for the loan and it is denote as personal loan or the signature loan.


In the investment market, the loan providers can help him out to bring out his business from the debts. They provide the many different services which can benefit him in carrying out his business processes effectively. They ask him to perform the basic three steps and help him to process out the routine firm’s activities. Therefore for the business drowning in debts, unsecured business funding can aid a lot in many manners.   

 They just requires him to apply for the amount of business fund he is seeking of and helps him to decide upon the crucial decision needed for the continue running of business. He needs a proper guidance before taking such significant step which can affects his business positively. The end step after the deciding factor is the funding done by the company which is concerned of to fund him. This in a way ensures and motivates him to work efficiently to clear off all his business debts.

Unsecured business funding by has following advantages:

  • They require no private ancillary.
  • For him to qualify for the business loan, no stellar credit history is required.
  • They require nil checks to write.
  • They aid in maximum business growth on a busy day.
  • They need only a minimum of $10,000 of the gross sales per month to qualify and excluding start ups.
  • It is an instant and convenient as compared to the other alternatives such as the traditional loan.

The unsecured business loan acts as the bond of trust. The funding firm provides the enormous capital to the business on the basis of the understanding that the business will perform better to pay back the loan on time. He gets the effective help by the funding firm to boost up his business and perform brilliantly to maximize his own business sales and carry out the routine activities. The funding fund aid the borrower with the surplus amount till the time period decided with a minimum percentage of interest.


The unsecured business loan comprises of the following features:

  • They demand no extra credit to qualify for the signature loan.
  • The payments made by the borrowers are in the form of percentage depending upon the monthly sale.
  • There are no such restrictions to use the fund provided only for the business processes. He can use it for any business purpose.
  • It is a rapid and convenient process to improve the business functioning.
  • The loan can be providing for any industry.

The aim of any firm owner should be to attain long term wealth maximization. There is a diversity of funding alternatives and one of them is unsecured business financing. It is ideal for the borrowers who  are just gearing up.

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